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Ruggedphones which one to buy

Thursday, 11 June 2015


As we sell many rugged phones every day we are often asked which ones are best. So lets start with the basics.  Rugged phones fall in to 2 main categories  Feature phones (ones with keypads) and smartphones.  Feature phones are normally very basic easy to use phones. The advantage of these are the simplicity of use and also the extra battery life you get a the phone is doing nothing more than calls and texts. Then you have the smartphones which have a email, sat nav and the option to over 1 million different apps. These phones have larger screens and are more powerful but you lose battery life. As a general rule smartphones normally last about a normal day before they need charging.

What is an IP Rating?

All rugged waterproof phones have an IP rating but this rating is nothing to do with ruggedness is only apply to the waterproof and dust proof rating. The higher the number the more water proof and dust proof the device. For example IP68 is the highest rating. You should note that no manufacturer actually covers warranty for water ingress as the waterproof certification is just a guild to how waterproof the phone is if used in the correct manor. 

What is MIL-SPEC810G?

This is a drop test and is the test to prove the phone is rugged. Some manufacturers don't do this test as most phones cannot take the test. The test is performed by a third party company and the phone is dropped 1.2m on to a solid surface, normally concrete. At the end of the test the device has to be in full working condition with no signs of physical damage. Again no manufacturer actually covers for physical damage and the MIL-Spec test is just to show the device can stand up to these conditions.

Support and warranty

We only sell phones that we have tested and are sure we can support. We only will work with manufacturers and partners who can support us and our customers for the warranty period. There are so many new rugged companies springing up it is hard to know if the companies will be around for the length of warranty period. The best advice is if you are not sure see if there are any reviews on the devices. Also check out the company you are purchasing from are they a mobile specialist or is mobile just another item to them?

We of course have been around for a long time in the rugged and a lot of our customers come back again and again. The mobile range is always changing and so are customers need. If you are not sure of what rugged phone would best suit your needs then give our sales team a call on 03127301667 to discuss.


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