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Lone Worker

Lone Worker Solutions

The dangers and problems that lone workers may face have been illustrated by some high profile incidents. The best known is that of the Estate Agent, Suzy Lamplugh, who went missing following an appointment to show a prospective client around a property. Her disappearance dramatically raised the profile of the risks associated with being a lone worker.

Unfortunately more workers are finding themselves on the receiving end of verbal or even physical abuse. Research has shown that being the recipient of such abuse is damaging to a persons well being and state of mind. Helping prevent such abuse and capturing evidence of such incidences has until now been extremely difficult.

Every employer and employee has responsibilities and rights under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) (1974) to ensure the provision of a safe working environment supported by safe systems of working.

The Health and Safety Executive recommends that procedures will need to be put in place to monitor lone workers to see that they remain safe. These may include:


  • Supervisors periodically visiting and observing people working alone
  • Regular contact between the lone worker and supervisor
  • Automatic warning devices which operate if specific signals are not received periodically from the lone worker
  • Checks that a lone worker has returned to their base or home on completion of a task

A balanced approach is needed to ensure that procedures are not too onerous on employees, or too restrictive The most effective lone worker solutions provide a combination of technology, training and a monitoring service, enabling employees to take a greater degree of responsibility for their own safety and security.

We offer different Lone worker solutions depending on the customers needs and make the solution bespoke for you. This can be from a simple free app to a full MAN DOWN solution with 24/7 Alarm response center. Some of our devices can monitor


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