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Push To Talk

Push To Talk (PTT) Key Features

  • Broadcast to all members of a group with a single push of a button
  • Talk privately on a one-to-one basis
  • Hold instant conference calls with your team
  • See the presence and availability of each user at any time
  • Create your own user groups
  • Windows PC Client allows office staff to communicate with field workers

Introduction to PTT

What is Push To Talk (PTT)? Communicating with Push To Talk is an instantaneous method of communication because there is always an open voice channel and there is no need to dial a number, calls are held between other users on your PTT installation.

To make a call you just push a button and talk; this could be one to one or to a group. Push To Talk has the advantage of almost unlimited coverage as it uses the global GSM mobile phone network and as it utilises the data channel you will still be able to make calls when the voice channel is congested. Many companies are turning to PTT as an alternative to traditional CV radios.

We are able to offer setups of PTT installations for your business and once setup you can even use the PTT network for additional services.

What We Offer

The latest devices both rugged and non-rugged are available on our PTT service, not only that we can help subsidise the cost of hardware on a new network connection or existing contract update, get in touch today for more information. 

Other Services via PTT

With a PTT device and network configuration from us, you can:

  • Push To Instant Message - Send out messages to all users on your PTT network instantly with the push of a button
  • Push To Alert - If you need to raise an alert to one or all of the handsets
  • Push To Locate - Locate a device with just the push of a button, perfect for protecting your workers

Enquire About PTT Solutions

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